Top 10 tips for a day at the beach with kids!

  1. Beach Toys. Buckets, shovels (one for each kid), sand sifters, boogie boards, bubbles, beach balls, etc... 
  2. Bring a beach tent. Pop-up beach tents or shelters are perfect for when your little ones need some time out to rest. 
  3. Bring along a washable cuddle toy. If you have young kids who still need to take naps, they'll settle far better for a sleep in the beach tent if you bring along their favorite stuffed animal or soft blanket from home. 
  4. Think about potty time. It's a great idea to buy a folding travel potty for your toddlers, so they can discreetly use it, even in the back of the car. Remember to bring along some good quality baggies to dispose of the potty contents when your little one is done using it — and don't forget to bring wipes and toilet paper.
  5. Plan for extra-hungry and thirsty kids. Enjoying playing on the beach is hungry, as well as thirsty, "work". It's important to bring along as much sustenance as possible for your children. Frozen juice cartons make awesome slushies once they start thawing. You'll also want to pack up your cooler with water and lots of healthy snacks like cheese sticks, apples, sliced oranges and grapes.
  6. Pack your baby's necessities. Ensure you bring along more diapers than you think you'll need, as well as baby formula, water, a pacifier and so on. Even though you probably want to travel light, you'll always need more than you think you will when you've got baby with you. Remember also to bring adequate sunscreen for baby's skin, as well as a sun hat and a few tee shirts to protect their delicate skin from the sun's rays. Bonus Tip: Apply sunscreen inside before heading to the beach, and use baby powder at the beach to keep your baby from becoming a sand pop. 
  7. Bring a blow-up pool. If you bring a small blow-up pool to the beach, it can act as a play yard to keep your kids in the one spot. They can happily play inside, make sandcastles and just generally have fun.
  8. Bring shovels for Mom or Dad. If you don't have #7, digging a pool-sized hole in front of your beach setup creates the perfect play area for the kids and keeps you from stressing about them being too close to the water. 
  9. Stay close to the lifeguard. When choosing your spot for the day, pick one near the lifeguard so if your kids get lost, they'll have a marker to find you. 
  10. Think about your haul. Its no surprise going to the beach with kids requires A LOT OF STUFF.  The wheelez beach wagon with inflatable rubber wheels is imperative.    If you're only down for the day or week and don't have access to a cart, don't fret. Dial up a Beach Caddy. Check out for more information!

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